50% of all new businesses fail in the first two years. Working with SGS can dramatically improve your chances for success.

Our staff has worked with small and medium size business owners, across many different industries, helping them make choices that increase their bottom line.

There are a lot of things that need to be done before your new business can open its doors.

The first thing every business needs is a plan. Business plans serve as a roadmap for the first two to three years of operations and often are required to be submitted to lending firms before venture or operating capital will be extended to the business owner. We will work with you to create a business plan that includes preliminary spending budgets, break even calculations, profit and loss forecasts and profitability statements.

After a complete business plan has been created, Steve will work with you to select the most advantageous entity structure, file new business applications with the federal government and the state in which your business is located and obtain your federal tax identification number.

Steve and his staff are also available to advise you during your search for start-up capital. Working with a CPA prior to making applications to banks and other lending institutions can greatly increase your chance of credit approval.

The next step is to evaluate assets required by the business, including real estate and large ticket purchases. We will work with you to analyze lease versus buy options and develop an acquisition plan that minimizes the tax impact purchases have on your bottom line. SGS staff can also advise you when negotiating contracts with material suppliers and service vendors.

Next we will work with you to set up your federal tax accounts that require quarterly estimated tax payments. Tax status elections, planned deductions, state tax planning and payroll tax filings will all be handled for you by SGS.

To minimize the stress of managing your ongoing accounting responsibilities, Steve will work with you to choose and implement an accounting software package that best fits your business, decide which monthly accounting functions will be handled by your internal accounting staff, set up a plan for accounting functions that will outsourced and begin planning for the creation of year end financial statements, tax filings and any other financial reports that need to be released on a quarterly or yearly basis.



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