The common denominator of all business is value.

Almost all business decisions have some component of trying to evaluate value, add value and profit off perceived value. But value can be tricky. It doesn’t always present itself neatly in front of you with a figure you can use to easily quantify it. In fact, sometimes value can change solely because of who you asked to quantify it.

With quantified value being fluid and subjective, how can you be sure you’re weighting it correctly when you make decisions?

The staff of SGS has been working with businesses to quantify value for over a decade. Our public and private accounting experience has given us the skills and tools required to confidently evaluate your business and assign the correct monetary value for the purpose of tax reporting, dispute resolution, business acquisition and business liquidation.

Trust Steve and his staff to provide independent valuations of:

  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Reorganizations

  • Intangible assets, such as, Brand, Goodwill and Intellectual Property

  • Transfer of assets within the company

  • Assets in dispute

  • Purchase offers

  • Estate and Gift Tax purposes



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